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our story


After a brilliant couple of years serving our juicy burgers from a once secret cocktail bar on Victoria Street we had to close for a multitude of reasons - but it was always our Dream to return somewhere, somehow, someday. Right now we are lucky to have a residency within the 14North kitchen and have exclusive use during their lunch services. Proving that Dreams really do come true!


Our beef is sourced from grass fed IOM happy cows. We use a blend of cuts and add nothing but seasoning (no nasty bits or "fillers"). We grind the beef DAILY in house and serve the burgers slightly pink (or cooked through if this is your preference)

We make Ameriican style cheese using IOM Creamery cheese which has both flavour and that great melting characteristic associated with cheese slices.

Our buns are made lovingly everyday by Ross Bakery and we use a combination of enriched classic burger buns and a ciabatta style alternative which is dairy free.

As well as beef burgers we have plant based options and chicken burgers too.